What is Porsche Lane Change Assist


What is Porsche Lane Change Assist? Porsche Lane Change Assist is a driver assistance safety technology that helps prevent a collision by warning you when vehicles are in your blind spot.

Porsche Lane Change AssistWhat Porsche Models Offer Lane Change Assist?

Porsche Lane change assist (LCA) is an available option on all Porsche models.

Porsche Macan
Porche Cayenne
Porsche Panamera
Porsche Taycan
Porsche 911
Porsche 718

How Does Porsche Lane Change Assist Work?
Porsche Lane Change Assist uses radar sensors to scan the rear of your vehicle, as well as the blind spots on both sides. When you are driving at a speed of 19 mph or faster, the Lane Change Assist system will issue a visual warning sign in the exterior mirrors if another vehicle is quickly approaching you from behind or driving into your blind spot. While this feature doesn’t actively control the vehicle to prevent an accident, the warning system adds peace of mind when driving down Milpitas roadways.


Porsche Lane Change Assist aftermarket

Porsche lane change assist is optional to be updated / OEM retrofitted in the aftermarket. For the OEM retrofits upgrade, you have to have the right OEM upgrade kit, OEM wirings, OEM way installation, and PPN remote online programming with Porsche PIWIS 3 Tester system.


Porsche Lane Change Assist KitPorsche Lane Change Assist Button
If you’re eager to boost the safety of your commute between Santa Clara and Saratoga, Porsche Lane Change Assist is a feature that should be at the top of your wishlist. Now that you can answer the question, “What is Porsche Lane Change Assist?” you probably want to put that knowledge to good use! You can find the Porsche Lane Change Assist button on the top left of your window and mirror control panel. Once located, you can toggle the Porsche Lane Change Assist button on and off to match your preferences.

If you don’t spot this button, you can control Lane Change Assist through your touchscreen. Navigate to Assist, then Control under the PCM system. From that menu, you can also adapt the LED brightness to suit your needs.

More Porsche Safety Technologies
When you drive a Porsche model, you’ll be plenty confident when cruising around Los Altos and San Jose, thanks to these additional safety features:

ParkAssist includes Reversing Camera and Surround View: Using front and rear sensors, this feature sends an audible alert to the driver when obstacles are detected while parking. The rearview camera displays dynamic guidelines to help you predict the course of your car based on the position of your steering wheel.
Adaptive Cruise Control: This feature regulates your speed using radar sensors that scan the road ahead. Adaptive Cruise Control will maintain the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, slowing your speed or even bringing your vehicle to a complete stop when needed.
Night Vision Assistant: Night Vision Assistant gives you information that’s beyond the headlights’ range. An infrared camera can detect people or large animals and alerts the driver by projecting a thermal image on the instrument cluster. If the person or animal is within close range of your vehicle, the system will audibly alert you as well.


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