How to Adapt VAG ECU to Micronas / NEC cluster via Xhorse VVDI2?

Problem: I have Xhorse VVDI2 programmer, I want to adapt PCR 2.1 and I get “security access failed. operation not completed.”

Solution: this is how to adapt PCR and similar

How to adapt ECU to Micronas / NEC cluster via Xhorse VVDI2.

Vvdi2-Vag-Ecu-Adaptation-To-Cluster-1 (2)

Read cluster IMMO data and copy to TXT file

Vvdi2-Vag-Ecu-Adaptation-To-Cluster-2 (2)

Read IMMO data from ECU and paste to TXT file.

Vvdi2-Vag-Ecu-Adaptation-To-Cluster-3 (2)

Go to adapt unit module

Vvdi2-Vag-Ecu-Adaptation-To-Cluster-4 (2)

Select: ECU EDC16/17

Type manually CS and PIN data and Read.

and wait till data read.

Vvdi2-Vag-Ecu-Adaptation-To-Cluster-5 (2)

Save power class

Vvdi2-Vag-Ecu-Adaptation-To-Cluster-6 (2)

Paste VIN, CS, PIN, you read from cluster and click “Write”, confirm yes.


Vvdi2-Vag-Ecu-Adaptation-To-Cluster-7 (2)

Vvdi2-Vag-Ecu-Adaptation-To-Cluster-8 (2)

To finish – go to cluster and change manually power class and write immo.

Vvdi2-Vag-Ecu-Adaptation-To-Cluster-9 (2)


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