Ford Mazda IDS V118.01 Download Free and Install

Ford IDS 118.01 is verified working fine with VCM2 clone and VXDIAG VCX NANO by running with win7/8/10 32/64bit.
Download Free
Ford IDS V118.01
Mazda V118.01
IDS patch for VCX Nano!OV4RRC6B!seCWP6UCzOPWEDYlQxZ1iQ

OS: win7/8/10 32/64bit

Language:  English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese etc
Compatible with VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford Mazda (USB & Wifi version ) vxdiag vcx pro, vxdiag full, vcm2 clone (using vxdiag solution) etc.

How to install Ford /MAZDA IDS V118.01 For VXDIAG VCX NANO & VCM2


Open the folder “Ford Install”, then “IDS-118.01_Full”.

How-to-install-Ford-IDS-118.01-win7-8-10-32-64bit-1 (2)

Choose IDS language.

How-to-install-Ford-IDS-118.01-win7-8-10-32-64bit-2 (2)

Recommend you restart the computer.

How-to-install-Ford-IDS-118.01-win7-8-10-32-64bit-3 (2)

Welcome to the InstallShield Wizard for IDS.

How-to-install-Ford-IDS-118.01-win7-8-10-32-64bit-4 (2)

Agree the license agreement.

Please select the destination drive, then click on “Next”.

IDS is configuring your new software installation.

How-to-install-Ford-IDS-118.01-win7-8-10-32-64bit-5 (2)

Updating the database.

How-to-install-Ford-IDS-118.01-win7-8-10-32-64bit-6 (2)

Reboot the computer.

How-to-install-Ford-IDS-118.01-win7-8-10-32-64bit-7 (2)

Open the folder “Ford Install”, then “VCI_Software_1.0.0.0.” to install until successfully.

How-to-install-Ford-IDS-118.01-win7-8-10-32-64bit-8 (2)
How-to-install-Ford-IDS-118.01-win7-8-10-32-64bit-9 (2)
How-to-install-Ford-IDS-118.01-win7-8-10-32-64bit-10 (2)

Open “VCI Manager (Ford) 19.04.28”.

How-to-install-Ford-IDS-118.01-win7-8-10-32-64bit-11 (2)
How-to-install-Ford-IDS-118.01-win7-8-10-32-64bit-12 (2)

Open “F-M_Patch” then copy “IDSPatch” and paste it on the desktop.

How-to-install-Ford-IDS-118.01-win7-8-10-32-64bit-13 (2)

You need to connect VCM2 (or vxdiag vcx nano) and car now.

Open “IDSPatch” on the desktop, choose “Dealer type: non-dealer” and Country “Botswana”, then “confirm”.

How-to-install-Ford-IDS-118.01-win7-8-10-32-64bit-14 (2)

Welcome to IDS 118.01 menu.

How-to-install-Ford-IDS-118.01-win7-8-10-32-64bit-15 (2)

Choose “Start New session” -> “All other”, then confirm.

Operation in process.

Vehicle specification.

How-to-install-Ford-IDS-118.01-win7-8-10-32-64bit-16 (2)


How-to-install-Ford-IDS-118.01-win7-8-10-32-64bit-17 (2)

Self test.

How-to-install-Ford-IDS-118.01-win7-8-10-32-64bit-18 (2)

Powertrain -> Engine -> retrieve CMDTCs.

How-to-install-Ford-IDS-118.01-win7-8-10-32-64bit-19 (2)

Set the ignition switch to ON.

How-to-install-Ford-IDS-118.01-win7-8-10-32-64bit-20 (2)

Reading continuous DTCs.

How-to-install-Ford-IDS-118.01-win7-8-10-32-64bit-21 (2)
How-to-install-Ford-IDS-118.01-win7-8-10-32-64bit-22 (2)

Job is done.
Good luck!

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