General Transmission Fault Unknown (SPN 2003 – FMI 31)

WARNING – General Transmission Fault Unknown


Today, we’ll trying to find out the troubleshooting of warning message: General Transmission Fault Unknown on Murphy PowerView PV101 display (refer to Figure 1.1 above).

We have Pump Truck with CAT Engine C-13 and Allison 4700OFS Transmission. When this warning message appears, the Transmission can’t engaged.

Here the STEPS:
1). Open Cat ET to check if any Active Codes on C-13 Engine, but there’s no Active Codes (both Diagnostic and Event Codes).


#Murphy PowerView PV100/ PV101 (Implementation of SAE J1939 Parameters)
#Support Allison DTC’s as below:

Retarded Temperature Above Normal (SPN 120 – FMI 15)
Transmission Oil Temperature Above Normal (SPN 177 – FMI 15)
Unknown General Transmission Fault (SPN 2003 – FMI 31)

2). Open Allison DOC and connect to diagnostic port on Allison Transmission.


-No Active DTC’s.
In this case, there are 4 logged codes: P2723, P2714, P0722, and P0731.
-Clearing the DTC’s Information. Read More: Display DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) Information on ALLISON DOC Software.

-To CLEAR diagnostic codes, also can using the Shift Selector Display.


3). After Clear DTC Information, then restart the power supply to TCM.
-The warning message General Transmission Fault Unknown should gone now..

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