How to enable DoIP communication for SD Connect C4 clone

Test report: MB Star diagnosis SD connect c4 plus version 2019 cloned multiplexer now can support ethernet communication (DoIP).

Here you go….

Go to Xentry Diagnosis



Diagnosis steps:

Step 1: the boundary conditions are recorded

Step 2: the control units are being initialized

Step 3: check vin

Step 4: the coding of the control unit is read

Step 5: the emissions-relevant data are read out from the vehicle


Xentry diagnosis overview


The data are being determined


Select A26/17 Audio 20 (Head Unit)




Important notes:

– it is recommended to connect a charger. the battery voltage must be higher than 12.50v

– the data read out of the control units refer to specific events or system statuses and serve as a basis for narrowing down the source of the defect. the data maybe include a tolerance and it may therefore not necessarily be possible to link them to a certain event, location or time.



hazard due to electrostatic discharge

Safety instructions/precautions

– to avoid damage to control units, antennas, sensors etc. due to electrostatic discharge (ESD), the technician must comply with the appropriate safety precautions before replacing electronic components

– proper static discharge can be guaranteed very effectively by means of a grounding strap for the wrist connected ground

– alternatively, static electricity can be discharged by deliberately touching

– repair or cleaning work on electronic components may only be performed on an ESD worksurface using a grounding strap for the wrist to ground the body


establishing communication with control unit A26/17 Audio 20 (Head Unit)


reading coding data


actuation of function “ethernet communication (DoIP)”


sdconnect-c4-doip-test-report-15 sdconnect-c4-doip-test-report-16 sdconnect-c4-doip-test-report-17 sdconnect-c4-doip-test-report-18 sdconnect-c4-doip-test-report-19

MB SD connect C4 2019 ethernet communication (DoIP): checked!

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