How Does vxdiag vcx nano gm gds2 work on Windows 11

Can I Install VXDIAG VCX NANO GM GDS2 T2W on Windows 11?  Here is the test report from a customer.

I just finished installing the VX Manager software on my new Win 11 laptop. The installation went normally and everything works as it should. I thought you would like to know that the software works with Win 11 Pro 64 bit.

I am pleased to announce that the GDS2 software provided by VXDiag is installed and running on my laptop with Windows 11 Pro 64 bit. So far I have used the laptop and GM VCX Nano successfully with Tech2Win on my ’09 Corvette Z06 and with GDS2 on my 14 Silverado LTZ.

Two observations:

The defender anti-virus supplied with Win 11 and some third party anti-virus programs do not like the VXDiag software suite. They will block the download, installation, and running of the software. Care must be taken to adjust the settings in the anti-virus software to prevent this.

The Defender antivirus that comes bundled with Win 11 and some third-party antiviruses don’t like the VXDiag software suite. They block the download, installation and execution of the software. Care must be taken to adjust the settings in the antivirus software to prevent this from happening. The Tech2Win and GDS2 software supplied by VXDiag does not have 100% functionality like the real GM software. You cannot communicate with all vehicle modules at the same time, but can communicate with each module individually. This is the same as on Windows 10.

Thanks for the interest and support.

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