How to use Vediamo to activate Mercedes-Benz Hidden Function

This article is about to show you how to activate the hidden function on Mercedes-Benz by Vediamo – remaining fuel per liter in the tank displayed on the cluster.

Better use diagnostic tools that support DOIP to connect your car to PC. (VXDIAG VCX SE, SD C4 Plus, MB Pro M6…)

Launch “Vediamo Start Center” and enter “V Ecoute”.
Open up “System Selection”, check “DIOGENES” and cancel “VEDIAMO System description”.
Click on “Change folder”, select “Vediamo” folder and select “IC 204” CBF file.


How to select CBF file on Mercedes-Benz models?
CBF IC204 – Mercedes W212 (E), W204 (C), X204 (GLK), W197 (SLS), W218 (CLS)
CBF IC213 – Mercedes W205 (C) facelift, W217 (CL) facelift, W222 (S) facelift, W213 (E), W238 (CLS), X253 (GLC) facelift, W257 (E Cabrio), W463 (G)
CBF IC177 – Mercedes W177 (A), W118 (CLA), W167 (GLE), W213 (E) facelift
CBF IC222 – Mercedes W205 (C) preface, W217 (S Cabrio) preface, W253 (GLC) preface,
V222 (Maybach), C190 (AMG GT), W447 (V)
CBF IC172 – Mercedes W463 (G), W166 (GLS/ML), W292 (ML), W176 (A), W246 (B),
W156 (GLA), W117 (CLA), R231 (SL), R172 (SLK), X204 (GLK)

Init ECU contact.


Click on “ECU” and “Manual Command Input…”.


Send request message “22 01 08” and wait for response.
Here if we have 20, 30, 40 and the likes, it means this function is disabled/hidden.


To activate the function, we need to modify the response code “62 01 08 30 00”.
Change “62” into “2E” and add 2 to “30” (to get “32”).
Then send request message “2E 01 08 32 00” and close.


Under this case, we don’t have to reset.


Exit ECU contact and close Vediamo.


Turn on the car and we can see remaining fuel/L in the tank.


Done! Nice and simple!

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