Autel Maxisys Ultra Diagnostic Tablet Latest FAQs

This article explains specifically on the FAQs of Autel Maxisys Ultra Diagnostic Scanner collected from all customers recently which is typical to present.

Q1: Please tell me what are the difference of vcmi and j2534??

A1: Except for working as a diagnostic tool, the advanced 5-in-1 Autel MaxiFlash VCMI also functions as a 4-channel oscilloscope, waveform generator, multimeter, and CAN BUS tester.

It is more advanced than J2534 which with the 3 diagnostic protocols (D-PDU/SAE J2534/RP1210), Ultra can work with more OEM diagnostic tools and diagnose & program more vehicles than J2534 programming tools.


Q2: Does the autel ultra has the bi directional control features?

A2: Autel MaxiSys Ultra comes with the Bi-directional control(active test) function, which can accurately figure out whether a specific system, component or subsystem in vehicles goes well and locate the problem by interactively operating and testing the vehicle’s related actuators and compatible with most vehicle models on the market.

For detailed vehicle coverage and functions, please check the below link for more information.

Select the product model and your detailed car model information, and go Search to view the functions supported


Q3: How much are the updates per year after 2 years are up?

A3: Kindly be noted that there is a one-year free update for the tool starting from the registration date. After one year update expires, the software on the tool can still be used as long as it is not corrupted.

But if you want to fix bugs in the current software or keep the tool covering newer functions or car models, or perform online functions, such as online coding and programming, you’ll need to buy a subscription for it.

Autel’s official price of one year update for Autel MaxiSys Ultra is 1500USD.

Q4: Can I be offered professional tech support if I buy from here?

A4: Yes, you can enjoy professional tech support if you buy from here. We are the biggest reliable & authorized Autel online store to ensure your original products with reliable services.

Please be noted that our Autel MaxiSys Ultra scanner comes with a 12-month warranty, 1-year free update, 24/7 professional tech support.


Q5: Will this Ultra scanner program a Jaguar xf ecm/pcm also does the car need to be present or can i do it with both pcm present?

A5: Autel MaxiSys Ultra supports ECU programming on a Jaguar XF, you just need to install the new ECU module on the car for ECU programming, and performing online programming does not need the original old ECU module.

For detailed vehicle coverage and functions, please check the below link for more information.

Select the product model and your detailed car model information, and go Search to view the functions supported.


Q6: Please tell me the differences between ultra, 919, and 909, which one is better to invest?

A6: As the most popular diagnostic scan tool in 2021, MaxiSys Ultra is updated from Autel MK908P/MS908P/Elite/MS909/MS919. Combined with new 5-in-1 VCMI, 3 new diagnostic protocols, 36+ service services, 10+ high-end functions, and top-level hardware configuration, 99.99% vehicle coverage, this MaxiSys Ultra scanner is the best investment for large auto workshops.


Q7: Does autel ultra scan tool have a read and re-write used ecm function?

A7: Autel MaxiSys Ultra can read and re-write used ECM and it comes with the function of ECU coding and programming.


Q8: Can i use maxisys ultra do module reprogramming and flash program for gm, ford and so on?

A8: Autel MaxiSys Ultra can perform ECU programming & coding for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar, etc.


Q9: How big is memory to save all previous error codes? is it auto re-write?

A9: Autel Maxisys Ultra comes with 256GB built-in memory.

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