How to do G sensor calibrationsteering angle sensor(SAS) calibration via Launch X431 PAD V

How to do G sensor calibration/steering angle sensor(SAS) calibration via Launch X431 PAD V automotive scan tool? This is working on a 2017 Subaru Forester as an example, the same goes for X-431 PAD VII Diagnostic Tool.


Ensure No DTC
Local diagnose >> Subaru >> Asia and Pacific >> Forester >> 2017 >> Read fault code
No trouble.


Ensure Function is On
Read data stream >> Steering angle sensor, Longitudinal G sensor
Make sure the sensor is working.


SAS Reset
Special function >> VSC(VDC) centering mode

VDC Sensor Midpoint Setting Mode is used to calibrate the zero point of the steering angle and lateral G sensors.

Stop the vehicle on a level surface in a straight-ahead state.
Press “OK”.

VDC sensor midpoint setting mode has been successfully completed.


Go back data stream to read the steering angle sensor again.
Its value has changed to zero.


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