How to code the Porsche piwis 3 diagnostic system

This post will Show How to code the Porsche piwis 3 diagnostic system. For more cases about Porsche, please visit here: Porsche Trobble Repair.

1.Connect vehicle;


2.If the connection is successful, there will be a USB connection status on the computer;

3.Click “Diagnostics”-”Continue”(When a Porsche car turns on the ignition switch, it can automatically identify the car model. If it is a Porsche car before 2010, you need to use piwis2 or other diagnostic software;)


4.Read all ECUs of Porsche cars, and then you can select one of them;

How-to-code-the-Porsche-piwis-3-diagnostic-system-6”coding programming”,you can encode your ecu;
(Tips: If piwis3 prompts you to log in to your account, you need the Porsche dealer’s VPN network and account to program or contact us)

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