Connecting icom a2 to inpa problems(solved)

Post by Sparks7766:

I have looked at many threads and posts and tried many different suggestions to get my ICOM A2 to connect to inpa etc. I have tried the reserve in itools radar tried changing the ediabas ini settings but still cannot connect. The icom connects to ista d and p and works. My kcan connects to inpa through usb but i want to program some units using the a2 because I believe its more stable and does voltage monitoring. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Reply by elthox:

Try setting the ip and remote settings with easyconnect after reserving with itoolradar.

Reply by Sparks7766:

thank you, I tried easy connect but it still would not connect but I managed to sort it out by firstly commenting out (adding a #) to the beginning of
interface = std:obd
and adding the following
Interface = REMOTE:OBD_AB625 then adding on second line RemoteHost = and a final line of Port = 6801
What I wanted to do was to be able to have a choice of interfaces which I can just plug and play. When I need to use the K-can then I will just comment out the three lines for the icom and removing the comment in front of the interface = std:obd. This works for me but if you know a way which all interfaces can be used just by plug and play it would be helpful to know. One thing I found when adding the icom to the ediabas ini then ista p doesn’t like it saying the interface is connected (yellow) check but wont connect so the ini file will need to be edited back to std:obd. I did go into ista D and change the vci to use the ediabas ini and now it seems to connect and is available, will see and update after tring to connect to a vehicle.


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