How Does Thinkdiag Diagnose Car in 3 Ways

Launch Thinkdiag diagnose car in three way: 1. smart diagnostic; 2. manually input vin; 3. manually select car makes. This article is available with the detailed process.

Way 1. Thinkdiag Smart Diagnostic

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1. Click on “Car All Systems Diagnostic”.

2. Bluetooth connection, it will pop up “Bluetooth connected”.

3. VIN decoding: the vehicle info is decoded based on NHTSA database.

Soon, it will display the make and model (i.e Mazda / YQMazda 3 2006).

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How-Does-Thinkdiag-Diagnose-Car-in-3-Ways-3 (2)

4. Set the ignition switch to ON.
5. Choose “Advanced Keyless Entry = equipped”.

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6. Have function list (Health reports, system scan, system selection, special function, module programming, vehicle information), we select “Health Reports” and the result is EATC: not equipped, GEM: not equipped.

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How-Does-Thinkdiag-Diagnose-Car-in-3-Ways-6 (2)

7. Have all system diagnostic report.

How-Does-Thinkdiag-Diagnose-Car-in-3-Ways-7 (2)
How-Does-Thinkdiag-Diagnose-Car-in-3-Ways-8 (2)

Way 2. Thinkdiag Manually Input the VIN.

Click on “Car All Systems Diagnostic”. Bluetooth connection, it will pop up “Bluetooth connected”.

Enter VIN.

How-Does-Thinkdiag-Diagnose-Car-in-3-Ways-9 (2)

Functions: health report, system scan, system selection.

How-Does-Thinkdiag-Diagnose-Car-in-3-Ways-10 (2)

After selecting ” health report”, Thinkdiag will go through the control system. You see, it says ” the configured system has not been detected on this vehicle” and it has operation tips to follow.

How-Does-Thinkdiag-Diagnose-Car-in-3-Ways-11 (2)

Way 3. Thinkdiag Manually Select Car Makes

Back to click on “Car all system diagnostic”.

How-Does-Thinkdiag-Diagnose-Car-in-3-Ways-12 (2)

Scroll down and select “Mazda /YQMazda”.

How-Does-Thinkdiag-Diagnose-Car-in-3-Ways-13 (2)

Bluetooth connected.

Select “Manually Select”.

How-Does-Thinkdiag-Diagnose-Car-in-3-Ways-14 (2)
How-Does-Thinkdiag-Diagnose-Car-in-3-Ways-15 (2)

Advanced keyless entry =equipped; Advanced keyless entry = not equipped

How-Does-Thinkdiag-Diagnose-Car-in-3-Ways-16 (2)

Then follow the on-screen options to select your vehicle, model and year.

How-Does-Thinkdiag-Diagnose-Car-in-3-Ways-17 (2)
How-Does-Thinkdiag-Diagnose-Car-in-3-Ways-18 (2)
How-Does-Thinkdiag-Diagnose-Car-in-3-Ways-19 (2)

Health report.

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