How to choose GM diagnostic/programming software

There are many GM diagnostic and programming programs like GDS2, TIS2WEB, TECH2WIN, GLOBAL TIS, TIS2000, etc.

What is GM SPS?

The PCMCIA card stores diagnostic information intended to diagnose powertrain, body or chassis control modules and related vehicle malfunctions. It also contains the Service Programming System (SPS) application which allows the Tech 2 to program control modules with vehicle calibration data.

What is TIS2Web?

TIS2Web is the internet-based subscription service for GM vehicle calibrations, Global Diagnostic System software and scan tool hardware updates.

What is Tech2Win?

Tech2Win is the Tech2 emulator software for GM diagnostics. It allows you to use your J2534 pass thru as a Tech2 on GM vehicles. The following instructions will walk you through downloading and setting up Tech2Win.

What is GM gds2?

The GM Global Diagnostic System 2 (GDS2), a PC-based software application, is designed to diagnose and repair on-board automotive electronic systems. The software application is used with a personal computer and a GM MDI (or J2534-2 equivalent)

What is GlobalTIS?

There’s the added revision search function for SPS, plus support for newer hardware and drivers (J2534, MDI), and the TLPrint, RPO and GDS functions. All of this is icing on the cake for most users here. The biggest difference is the rearchitecture, which is mostly invisible unless it fails.

GM wrote GlobalTIS starting with open source and IBM off-the-shelf components – I was working on a couple of them when I was at IBM.

The basics are available on both packages as long as your MY is supported. For non-MDI/Tech3 users like us, the two are functionally the same.

What is TIS2000?

TIS 2000 is abbreviation of Techline Information System 2000 software application.TIS 2000 is actually a group of serveral programs that perform the following functions:


The main difference of Global TIS and TIS2000 software is that:

THE ONLY IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE: SPS Programming functions exist with TIS2000! Global Tis is not able to do programming, just for only diagnostic procedures.

Besides, They are the same thing in practice, NOT 2 separate things. Global TIS is the newer version of TIS 2000. One replaced the other. Get Global TIS working and use that. Forget about TIS2000.

What is a GM Tech 2 scan tool?

Tech 2 Pro Optima. Authentic GM software provides the most comprehensive diagnostic software for late model GM vehicles. The Tech 2 also supports onboard diagnostics and full bi-directional control when performing powertrain, chassis and body diagnostics.

What is Tech 2 CANdi module?

CANdi Module. An industry change in protocol from OBD II to Controller Area Network (CAN) is ongoing. In order to perform diagnostics on a vehicle that uses the CAN interface, you will need the Tech 2 and a CAN diagnostic interface module.


GM diagnostic tool and software compatibility:

Tool / Software GDS2 Tech2Win Global TIS TIS2000
GM Tech 2 No Yes

(for old cars)

No Yes

(for new cars 2010-)


(for old cars)

Yes No
Mangoose PRO GM II Yes

(for new cars 2010-)


(for old cars)

No No

(for new cars 2010-)


(for old cars)

No No

GM diagnostic/programming software & functions confirmed:

Functions/ Software GDS2 Tech2Win Global TIS TIS2000
Diagnostics Yes Yes No Yes
ECU Programming No.

But you can log in to do programming


But you can log in to do programming


But only program

ECUs offline for part of GM vehicles.


Key Programming Yes.

But you have to program new keys online via


But you have to program new keys online via

No Yes
SPS Programming No Yes Yes Yes

(with Tech 2 Go-between)

That is,

If you want to do ECU programming or SPS programming, you’d better have a GM MDI interface with Global TIS.

If you need program new keys (only online with GDS2 and Tech2win), it depends.

If you have a new car or pickup truck after the year 2010, you have 3 options: MDI interface, Mangoose cable, Nano;

If you have an old car or pickup truck, you have one more option, Tech 2. That is, 4 options for the old GM vehicles: MDI, Mangoose, Nano and Tech 2.

If you want to have a diagnostic test on GM vehicles, you can have any tool with GDS 2 or Tech2win or TIS2000. Clearly, all tools above can be used for GM diagnosis.

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