V2020.6 Benz C6 OEM Xentry Software “The data are faulty” Solution

When I install V2020.06 MB Xentry software with my Benz C6 OEM, it prompts that “The data are faulty”. Attached some operation pics as below.
V2020.06-benz-c6-oem-the-data-are-faulty-1 (2)
V2020.06-benz-c6-oem-the-data-are-faulty-2 (2)
V2020.06-benz-c6-oem-the-data-are-faulty-3 (2)
V2020.06-benz-c6-oem-the-data-are-faulty-4 (2)

The solution offered by Obd2tool.com engineer:

Please follow the step-by-step guide to solve.

Step 1: Go to Program Files (x86)-> Mercedes-Benz-> AddOn Center

Change the file name “AddOnCenter.exe” to “AddOnCenter.ex_”

V2020.06-benz-c6-oem-the-data-are-faulty-5 (2)

Step 2: Open [Windows Task Manager]

Select [Java.exe.32] and [Javaw.exe*32] and click on “End Process”

V2020.06-benz-c6-oem-the-data-are-faulty-6 (2)

Step 3: Delete all the files in “Program Files (X86)/Mercedes-Benz/Xentry” option

V2020.06-benz-c6-oem-the-data-are-faulty-7 (2)

Step 4: Run [XENTRY FIX2] to fix the error

V2020.06-benz-c6-oem-the-data-are-faulty-8 (2)

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