How to Solve Ford VCM II IDS V108 Application Error 27076

I have installed IDS V108 on Vmware to work with my Ford VCM II. When I run the software, I get the application error 27076 message “Ghost has detected corruption in the image file. Please perform an integrity check on the image…” is shown as below.

How-to-Solve-Ford-VCM-II-IDS-V108-Application-Error-27076-1 (2)
How-to-Solve-Ford-VCM-II-IDS-V108-Application-Error-27076-2 (2)
How-to-Solve-Ford-VCM-II-IDS-V108-Application-Error-27076-3 (2)

The possible cause:

Maybe there is something wrong with the file.

The solution:

Uninstall the current software and install by the following download link.

Password: ynd37s

Security: Yes, it has been tested 100% ok by engineer.

Operating system: You’d better install Ford IDS V108 on Win7

Recommend WIN7 32bit system download link:

Password: 0awk7b

Computer operating system requirements:

1.If your computer hard drive only has one partition, please prepare a 16GB U flash drive

2.If has 2 partitions, please unzip the software into any other partition except disk C.

Guide to install Ford IDS V108 software for VCM2:

Extract Ford 108 software, delete the redundant files

Click on GHOST 8.0 to one key recovery

How-to-Solve-Ford-VCM-II-IDS-V108-Application-Error-27076-4 (2)

Restart computer

Click on Ford extending programming

Find VCI Manager (Ford-VCM-II) to install

How-to-Solve-Ford-VCM-II-IDS-V108-Application-Error-27076-5 (2)

If it prompts “PC software initialization error (getmoduletype), please go to Computer-> program files-> Ford motor company-> IDS-> Runtime-> install3rdparty-> ETAS-> setup

How-to-Solve-Ford-VCM-II-IDS-V108-Application-Error-27076-6 (2)

Install Bosch VCI Manager

How-to-Solve-Ford-VCM-II-IDS-V108-Application-Error-27076-7 (2)
How-to-Solve-Ford-VCM-II-IDS-V108-Application-Error-27076-8 (2)
How-to-Solve-Ford-VCM-II-IDS-V108-Application-Error-27076-9 (2)

When install successfully, run VCI Manager (Ford-VCM-II)

Connect VCMII to computer as below

How-to-Solve-Ford-VCM-II-IDS-V108-Application-Error-27076-10 (2)

Go to computer management-> Device manager->Network adapters to check whether the device connect successfully

How-to-Solve-Ford-VCM-II-IDS-V108-Application-Error-27076-11 (2)

Make sure the Internet connection is normal

Then you can run IDS 108 software

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