Audi A8 2003 Odometer Correction with Digiprog 3

Digiprog 3 v4.94 odometer correction tool how to use for Audi A8 (2003-). Here are notes for you all, of Tacho meter value Audi A8 (2003-)
Audi-A8-2003-Odometer-Correction-with-Digiprog-3-1 (3)

Diagnostic connection is located in the cabin

Audi-A8-2003-Odometer-Correction-with-Digiprog-3-2 (3)

Connect Diagnosis Port with DP3 cable of Plug 16

Ignition on

Connect the DigiProg 3 main unit to Plug 16

The DigiProg needs no separate electricity supply; it is supplied via the diagnosis port

Follow DigiProg3 v4.94 instruction and change KM

Audi-A8-2003-Odometer-Correction-with-Digiprog-3-4 (3)

Audi-A8-2003-Odometer-Correction-with-Digiprog-3-5 (3)

Enter KM value and confirm Entry

Audi A8 mileage correction completed!


Audi-A8-2003-Odometer-Correction-with-Digiprog-3-6 (3)


Audi-A8-2003-Odometer-Correction-with-Digiprog-3-7 (3)

Job’s done!

Note: If error message “Access denied” pops up, pls. choose:

PKW/LKW-Audi-A8-2003-(4E) 1. Flash Cxxx/


Confirm with Hook

Remove fuse 5 + 10

Wait approx. 5 seconds

Reinstall fuse

if tacho meter is dark

Switch Ignition on and off

Choose program:

PKW/LKW– Audi—A8-2003-(4E) Diag

Enter KM value and confirm Entry.

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