SVCI ING is a hot-sale professional diagnostic tool for Nissan/ Infiniti/GTR cars. Here have collected some customers frequently asked questions and the answers offered by

Q: Does SVCI ING support old cars?

A: The most 90% OBD cars are supported by SVCI ING to diagnose. But some old cars before year 2005 are not supported.

Q: Are there any requirements for SVCI ING to install the software?

A: Windows: Win7/8/10
Android: Android V5.1 above
Network: 3G above

Q: Will SVCI ING diagnose Infiniti Q30 / QX30 2016?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I program key on my 2011 Nissan Altima by SVCI ING?
A: Yes.

Q: Does SVCI ING support smart keys all keys lost?
A: Yes.

Q: Is it possible to check the 2019 Nissan Leaf operating battery and switch the TCM of communication module? If it adds new car models in the future, will the software update at the same time as well?
A: Yes, the software will update and the car models also will update.

Q: When I register an account to SVCI ING, I haven’t received the email which to get pincode yet?

A: Some mails (such yahoo) will go in the trash folder automatically, go to find it firstly.

If also don’t find it, please install the newest version and then register.

Q: Can I install BAOCHI Cloud diagnostic software on IOS system? Is there the new version on Android system?

A: There is not IOS version. Only have Windows and Android version.

You can free download the software by the following links:



Q: I have installed the BAOCHI software and registered, but when I use the SVCI ING device, it prompts “it’s not unlocked yet” on the screen.

A: Some functions don’t support unlock. If it appears on diagnosis or programming function, that means the software is stuck, you need to restart the software.

Q: I reinstall the SVCI ING software, but there is anything on the screen.

A: The software is stuck, please open the software again.

Q: Does it need online account to program TCM by SVCI ING?

A: No need. But the function authorization is not opened yet.

To be continued…

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