How to Reset Steering Angle Sensor

This article shows methods of how to reset steering angle sensor.Two methods are introduced in this article.And you can read related article or video to get more detail information in this article.Hope it is helpful!

What is Steering Angle Sensor?

The steering angle sensor (SAS) is a critical part of the ESC system that measures the steering wheel position angle and rate of turn.


When you need to reset the Steering Angle Sensor?

The Steering Angle Sensor need to be reset or recalibrated after an alignment is per formed or parts in the steering system are replace.For example:steering wheel,airbag spring contact,steering column,etc…

How to reset or recalibrate Steering Angle Sensor(SAS)?

1) Self-Calibration:
Some newer vehicles can auto calibrate by having the wheel turned from lock to lock and then centered and cycling the key.

Step 1:Turn the steering wheel first as far as it will go anticlockwise and then as far as it will go clockwise
Step 2:Turn off the engine and remove the key from the ignition
Step 3:Remove driver side wheel, stop and pack vehicle
Step 4:Turn off ignition, remove key, wait 10 seconds
Step 5:Start engine, confirm normal Active Steering operation

2) Scan Tool Steering Angle Sensor Reset
There are many options for OBD2tool to reset SASs. Some tools can even configure the size of tires. But, most tools recommend that the calibration be performed on a level surface. Launch X431 Series tools are able to reset steering angle sensor for multi brand vehicle manufacturer.And some diagnostic tools are designed to specific vehicle brand.

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