How to Set WIFI for GM MDI2?

If you don’t want to connect the device with USB cable only,and also want to try WIFI on GM MDI2,please check below operation procedure.

Connect the laptop and GM MDI2 with USB cable.

Wait until the GM MDI2 green indicator light on.

On the computer, connect WIFI.

If succeed, you will be able to open the IE browser.

On the desktop, click on “GM MDI Manager”, then “Connect”.

Click on “Network Setup” ->“Enable wireless interface” ->“Access Point”.

Click on “Refresh” to select from available network list.

Double click on “TP-LINK_33F8”, enter the password.

Click on “Yes”.

MDI is configured to connect the following network.

Click on “MDI Explorer”, then “Disconnect”.

Unplug the USB cable from GM MDI2 diagnostic tool.

Once again, click on MDI2 icon then “Connect”.

GM MDI2 green indicator light on again.

GM MDI Wifi is setting successfully.

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