Mercedes Benz Hill Assist Start Function Coding by DTS Monaco

Here I want to show you the main procedures on how to use DTS Monaco to code hill start function–keeps the brake at a hill in braking position.And for DTS Monaco guide,you can check it here:DTS Monaco Projects


Benz DTS Monaco Software Free Download

How to Install Mercedes Benz DTS Monaco Software

Main Procedures:


Unlock with DJ_Entriegeln

1.Choose Domane Konfigurationen

2.Change Hill Start Assist to ”ja”

How to active DTS Monaco 8.13 for sdconnect c4?

Question: Got V2019.12 sdconnect C4 Dell 500G, found only DTS Monaco 8.13, no DTS Monaco 8.03. And how to active DTS Monaco 8.13? engineer replied:

Actually, it contains both, Monaco 8.03 is not put on the desktop.

The procedure to active DTS Monaco 8.13:

1. Please run DTS 8.13 and it will pop up the hardware ID, copy it and send it to the customer service (Or you can use the Teamviewer for remote assistance).

2. The dealer will give you an activating file, you can put it into the software category.

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