SDconnect clone or OEM (Clone) Xentry VCI (C6) reviews

Reviews on OEM (Clone) Xentry VCI (C6) and SDconnect clone.

Review 1. SDconnect is easy to configure and LED screen helps quickly identify the number, software version and IP address.

Easy to switch from LAN and WiFi mode.

VCI has no screen

Review 2. sd connect c4 is better VCI Clone works like ecom

Review 3. VCI clone (C6) experience

This device unlike any other  devices . The device “C6”  have a particularly rules first of all the reseller must send you the driver’s files for each version because it is not like C3C4C5 devices working with any version.

like, if you have xentry version 12 2018, and you want install “Xentry” versions 05 2019 or 09 2019
you will have to have the driver files for  versions 05 2019 , or 09 2019 from the manufacturer.

Review 4. OEM (Clone) Xentry VCI Clone looks like original, but inside its different. It works like Ecom.
I have one here. I can post pictures of “inside” and share my experience.

Images of “outside”:

oem-clone-xentry-vci-clone-review-1 oem-clone-xentry-vci-clone-review-2

Images of “inside”:

oem-clone-xentry-vci-clone-review-3 oem-clone-xentry-vci-clone-review-4 oem-clone-xentry-vci-clone-review-5

Experience and advice:

You can use ordinary XDOS without VXdiag Driver.

Only config ecom and ready.

No wireless or wifi, usb and lan only.

Use ordinary Xentry openshell

It doesn’t work with older DAS vehicles.

Doip is working.



Review 5.

I have the older VXDiag C6 (the one without USB and ethernet on the side) and other than DOIP it has worked well for me with my May 2015 MY2016 W212 and I last used it about 8 weeks ago. I only use it personally on the one vehicle and not commercially though.

I don’t use the WiFi side, only ever the USB or ethernet cable – I tend to stick to the ethernet cable.

I never could get DOIP working – it passed the tests once in Xentry from 2018 with the manufacturer supplied HDD but as soon as the drivers updated it never worked again with that version and I spent hours messing around with it. I think they have an additional fudge in place somewhere to make the DOIP tests pass.

The supplier did say that the new disk they had would work with DOIP but I never sent this one back to test it – I should get around to it at some point. For now I just used a fresh Windows 10 64 bit install with Xentry 07.2019 and the VCXDiag drivers and Xentry worked.

I got the MB dealer to update my NTG5.1 in the end.

I need to use it later as I’m having some hesitations when pulling away, not sure if it’s a fault or just need to reset the transmission.

To be continued …

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