What to do After using the MDI 2

After using the GM MDI 2, a few simple steps help you leave the vehicle electronic system(s) in the proper stateand ensure that you get the most use out of your diagnostic tools:
1.Before turning the MDI 2 off, exit any running PC computer applications.
2.Turn the MDI 2 off by removing power. The Power LED turns off.
3.Disconnect the MDI 2’s DLC cable from the vehicle.
4.Disconnect the USB cable from the PC and the MDI 2.
5.Store the MDI 2, cables, and other parts in a secure, dry location.

SAE J2534 Configuration

The MDI 2 is a SAE J2534 device that connects between your computer and the vehicle’s SAE J1962 DLC connector forpass-thru programming of the vehicle’s ECUs. The SAE J2534 Configuration Application is installed on your PC at the same time as the MDI Manager software, allowing you to keep your OEM PC application connected to a MDI 2. In addition, this application provides API Monitoring controls to aid in investigating problems encountered while using any J2534 devices (including the MDI 2).

J2534 Device Configuration ApplicationThe Device Configuration controls in the J2534 Configuration Application allow you to define a default MDI 2 and a connection sequence that a SAE J2534 compliant PC application will follow to connect to your Car Diagnostic Tool MDI 2 s.  Note:  This feature does not apply to PC Applications using the ISO 22900 standard.The J2534 Config App (GM MDI) is located in the programs menu: Start>All Programs>General Motors>GM MDI Software.There are two controls in this area: the Default Device control and the Auto-Connection Order control.The Default Device text box allows you to type the serial number of the MDI 2 that you want to define as your default device.The Auto-Connection Order control allows you to select multiple connection methods.?
Device on USB?
Default Device?
Device Explorer

If the box to the left of the method is checked, then the connection method is attempted when connecting. If the box is not checked, then the connection method is skipped. The connection methods are attempted sequentially from top to bottom.

To change the order, select a connection method and click the up or down arrow to the right of the Auto-Connection Order window.The Device on USB connection method attempts to connect to a MDI 2 via USB, even if that MDI 2 is not the Default Device.

The Default Device connection method attempts to connect to the Default Device (MDI 2) using the first available connection in the following order: USB, Ethernet, Wireless.The Device Explorer connection method opens a dialog box which shows if MDI 2s are detected.MDI 2s that are not available have a red X across them and cannot be selected. MDI 2s that are available can be selected is several ways.

Right-click a MDI 2 and select from available connections (USB, Ethernet, or wireless).?
Select a MDI 2 and press the Connect button.?
The Auto-Connection strategy connects using the first available connection in the following order: USB, Ethernet, Wireless.?
Right-click a MDI 2 and select from available connections.?
Right-click a MDI 2 and set it as the Default Device.

The Cancel button closes the dialog box without making a connection

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