Cummins Incal file can’t work? Just Change the Date!

Here’s the working solution to Cummins Incal file not working problem.



No need for date changing tools if your Cummins Incal file doesn’t work. Just simply open your Incal folder–>intelect–>esdn and you should find your esdninfo.dat file.


RIGHT click on the file and open with NOTEPAD. This file was date changed with the date change tool to Jan 1 2019. What you should see is something like this….


Requiredbytes = 100000000



This file was date changed to Sept 7 2019 and it looks like this…….


Requiredbytes = 100000000



Date reflects the start date of the file. First 2 numbers represent the year 19 (2019)

The last three represent the day in a 365 day calendar. 7th Sep is the 250 day of the year.

THUS…. 19250 = 7th Sep 2019


Now because the Cummins Incals are only good for 60 days, once you copy your files into the Calibration Workspace folder and open your Cummins Insite, the cal will come up with a date of OCT which is the following month that it expires.


Hope this helps you guys that dont have a date change tool, are out on a call or don’t have the patients to wait for a 32GB Incal folder to change the date.


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