Can DRBIII work on Chrysler Micropod 2 for 2005 Chrysler Crossfire (European)?

The wiTECH Micropod 2 is designed to work on Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and North American Fiat vehicles equipped with CAN BUS technology. It provides the latest technology and significant hardware and software performol provides  cutting edge technology will enable technicians to increasance enhancements over the current StarSCAN and StarMOBILE tools. This toe their productivity and provide world-class diagnostic services to your customers.  This tool is very easy to use .The MicroPod 2 is a great OEM dealer diagnostic tool that will give you full access to the vehicles that you are working on.



Was reading online about the diagnostics of our fine vehicles and bumbed into a blog post stating a working emulator for Crossfire:



My XFire is 2005 and european, so it definitely is RDB III, was just wondering can someone verify the possibility of this being legit or have I misunderstood something ?



Yes, I have purchased and used this product on 2005 srt6 coupe and 2007 ltd roadster (us versions). It takes some work to get the software set up. But once you do, it works fine.


This Micropod 2 Clone works with the Enhanced DRB 3 Emulator.


You will need this:

1) Good computer knowledge

2) A laptop with a clean Windows XP or Windows 7 installation on it. Nothing else. Networking and Updating turned off.

3) A Micropod 2 Clone

4) Follow these instructions

5) A TPMS tool to “chirp” the sensors so the vehicle can read them (I use the Autel TS601)

6) Perform a TPMS Relearn sequence using DRB III Emulator. Chirp each wheel when requested by the emulator. (Takes about 5 minutes)


I have only used the emulator to perform a TPMS Relearn (2005 SRT6) and diagnose a defective air bag control module (2007 Roadster). I have tested some other diagnostic functions, but I am not very familiar with its additional capabilities. I think it will perform many other DRB III functions.


I recommend you order wiTech MicroPod 2 with laptop,we will install the software in the lapop ready for use,it will be more convenient,please check below link:

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