How to Solve BMW ICOM ISTA-D Unregistered Problem

ICOM BMW 2019.7 get error “Unregistered” shown as below.Message reads ” This application needs a valid key to start, please paste your serial number below. You may contact us at ….for details.


The only thing you need to do is run the “ID.reg” file so it will add some info to the registry. After this, ISTA/D should work fine!

Get the file from here, unpack it and double click it.!BIJhSYAa!v2JnLQmfTAjPxse7ElkG_2dfHZSl2JyCTfSBBw6OngQ

Test results:

Working on get it running, installed it >15 times with different versions or VM / physical and this file was all what was missing…

Tt’s working now!!!

Oh and by the way: it’s now also working in Oracle VirtualBox.

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