Lonsdor K518ISE Program 2016 VW Golf 7 MQB Key Success

Lonsdor k518 key programmer new test report from Mr. Henderson.

2016 VW Golf 7 MQB NEC35XX/VDO Add Spare Key Success

Done in 10-15mins

“Also one note I forgot was, when Lonsdor K518ISE asks how many keys to program you must input 2 although I only programed 1 key, I think it reprograms the original at the same time”

**********Here is the full run down step by step**********

1. Turn ignition on with working key

2. Select VW

3. Immo type 4

4. Auto identify IMMO

5. Select the correct IMMO type (in my case it was MQB-35XX(Mainland/VDO))

6. Immobilizer

7. Back up immo data (name backup file something with vehicle and date details or VIN#)

8. Make dealer key

9. Select ok on screen for Lonsdor

10. Select correct IMMO file that you have just previously backed up

11. Then select generate dealer key

12. Then select VW

13. Remove working key and put working key in Host Slot/Key Slot on Lonsdor

14. Select OK

15. Once verified remove original key

16. Insert new key to be programmed into Host slot/Key slot

17. Select OK

18. Once made successfully select OK

19. Put working/original key back into ignition and turn on

20. Select OK on Lonsdor

21. Then Lonsdor asks how many keys to program select 2 although you are only programming one (you are reprogramming the original)

22. If smart key select ok

23. If it isn’t a smart key select cancel (this is way I went)

24. Wait 5 seconds then remove working key from ignition

25. Take new key from Host Slot/Key Slot insert into ignition and turn on

26. Wait 5 secs then remove

27. Insert original key again and turn on

28. Select OK (tool will start programming)

29. Test keys you may have to push lock button a few time on remote for it to start working (not sure if this the car still coming out of programming mode or if it is a part of registration process)

Lonsdor k518 is a amazing tool for its money, I will agree it is not the same as the Zedful but price wise it is amazing. It makes life so easy and fast, also the paid features are so worth it.

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