Hyundai ix35 2011 Pincode Vvdi key tool Yes! Lonsdor k518 No! Xtool x100 No!

I have 3 key programming tools. Today, have tried all for Hyundai pin code reading. Attach all details below! Enjoy!

The car: Hyundai ix35 2011

The remote:

Key tools to have a try:

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool

Lonsdor K518


Test 1: Vvdi key tool reads pincode for Hyundai ix35: Success!

Step 1: detect the transponder

it’s id46 (hitag2)

Step 2: select data acquisition mode

here: use vvdi key tool and antenna

Put the key tool head antenna near the ignition coil and press OK to sniff data

Turn on ACC switch once with the car key

If it’s a smart key, remove the key battery first

Then put the key tool head antenna close to the switch

Insert the original key into the left coil and press OK to start the calculation

Don’t remove the key during calculation

Calculation success

Now pls click on “get more” to get pin codes

There are 2 options. Here, choose Hyundai password and get pin codes

Successfully get pin codes!

Ps. vvdi key tool has stopped production, vvdi mini key tool instead.

Test 2: Lonsdor k518ise reads pincodes for Hyundai ix35: Failed!

Tried again. Also failed!

Test 3: Xtool x100 pad2 reads pin code for Hyundai ix35: Failed!

Failed to communicate!


Xhorse vvdi key tool (mini key tool) is the final winner. Worked well for Hyundai pin codes reading.

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