How to Program VOLVO XC60 2014 Spare Key with Lonsdor K518ISE

New customer feedback: VOLVO XC60 2014 Spare Key (semi-smart key) well done with Lonsdor K518S Key Programmer.

Q: How long does it require?
A: Takes less than half an hour.
Q: From where did you get the security data? It require to dismantle something to read it?
A: on the table read CEM with RN-01 PCB dongle takes around 2 mins, after go to the car and program.

VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-1 VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-2

Q: Can I do all keys lost?
A: Yes. same job.
Procedure & Photo attached:
Turn on ignition switch
In Lonsor K518, select Immobilizer->Volvo->XC60-> 2009 up->Smart key->Add Key
Select security data (read before operation)
Press Start button
Read vehicle information, part number, VIN etc
Identify current number of keys: 1
Insert new key to be programmed to car slot
Key programmed success

VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-3 VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-4 VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-5 VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-6 VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-7

VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-8 VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-9 VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-10 VOLVO-XC60-2014-SPARE-KEY-Lonsdor-K518-11

Here’s the step-by-step procedure on Volvo XC60 key programming with Lonsdor K518ISE.

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