Register and Update AUTEL MaxiDiag MD808 Pro Software

Autel MaxiDiag MD808 PRO software upgrade is free for lifetime,we have two ways to update autel MD808 pro software,This function allows you to update the scan tool software through a Window-based computer.

The first,Register the Tool:

please go to the official Then you could download software, update
online, retrieve information and get warranty service.

Prior to registration, please confirm your network is working properly.
Download Procedure:

1. Visit the website
2. If you already have an Autel account, Sign In with your account ID and password.
3. If you are a new member to Autel, click on the Create Autel ID button  on the left side to create an ID.
4. Enter the required information in the input fields, and click the Get Verification Code button to get a verification code for email validation.
5. The online system will automatically send a verification code to the registered email address. Input the code in the Verification Code field
and complete other required fields. Read through Autel’s Terms and Conditions and click on Agree, and then click Create Autel ID at the
bottom. A product registration screen will display.
6. The device’s serial number and password is located in the About section of the System Setup application on the tool.
7. Select your product model, enter the product serial number and password on the Product Registration screen, and click Submit to
complete the registration procedure.
Then Update procedure:

Autel frequently releases software updates that you can download. The Update feature makes it very easy to determine and get exactly what you
There are two ways to update your tool.
1. Remove the Micro SD card from the device and connect it with a
Windows-based computer for updating.
2. Connect your tool with a Windows-based computer using the supplied
USB cable and select Update on the Main Menu to enter Update Mode.
The update procedures for the above two update methods are the same.
Follow the update procedure to finish updating.
1. Download the Maxi PC Suite from and install on your Windows-based PC.
2. Run the Maxi PC Suite. Wait for the Log In window to pop up.


3. Enter your Autel ID and password and wait for the Update window to display. If you forget your password, you may click the [Forget
Password?] to link to our website and find your password back. Or you may click Sign up to create an Autel ID to continue.
4. Select the product type and serial number, click OK to continue.
5. In the Update window, select the items you want to install. Usually, you should install all available updates.


Generally, there are two ways to update programs:
Batch Update
1. Select the programs that you would update by clicking on the check boxes next to those items. Then click the Update All button on the right
bottom of screen. Click the Clear All button will reselect the items you want to update.
2. Or, click on the Select All checkbox on the left bottom of screen and all updatable items will be selected automatically. Then click the Update
All button on the right side of screen.
3. When the downloading is completed, the downloaded programs will be installed automatically. The new version will replace the old version.
Single Update
1. Find out the desired updating item and click the Update button in the same line.
2. When the downloading is completed, the downloaded program will be installed automatically. The new version will replace the old version.
View or Delete Programs

To view the list of installed programs or to delete an installed program, please follow these steps:
1. Click on the Installed tag entry and the page will show the list of programs installed.
2. Select the program(s) that you would delete.

?? Batch delete: Select the programs that you would delete by
clicking on the check boxes to the left of those items. Then click the
Uninstall All button on the right bottom of screen.
??Single delete: Click the Uninstall button in the line of your
would-be-deleted program.
3. A window asking “Are you sure to delete the software?” will pop up
for your confirmation.


? Click on OK to delete the program(s) selected, or on Cancel to quit the action.
?The deleted program will automatically add to the end of program list in the Update page in case you would like to install again.
In the search box on the right top corner of the screen, you can enter any words to search the software you desired, and this function works for both

Update Available column and Installed column.

let’s all

Thank you for your reading.

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