MB Star Xentry Questions

Hi All, I am not sure if this is the right forum for MB Star questions, but since “the big MB Star thread” is in here, I figured I would give it a go.

I am about to pull the trigger on an MB Star C4 with laptop and wanted to get some clarification on a few things. I tried searching here, the net and a few sellers blogs, but could not find answers.

– What is SAM
– What is SCN
– When do I need/want online or offline programming?

I have a sprinter and a C230 and the things I would like to do are:
– diagnose and read/clear codes on all the computers
– simple resets (like steering angle sensor, adaptive transmission, calibrate rain sensor, etc.)

Would I need online/offline programming to do these things, or is it more for “hacking” the car and making custom tunes, etc.

Lastly – where can I find a Xentry user manual? Internet has not been much help here.

thanks for the info.

If what you state is the truth,then you don’t need a DAS Xentry C4 set. You can spend fifty bucks on and OBD scanner and meet and exceed your stated objectives!!

Additionally,if you don’t understand the definitions in your “What questions”, then you are not ready for a factory tool.

A Xentry user manual does not exist, the knowledge and the skill to use and interpret the tools outputs comes from OJT experience and in depth knowledge of the MB vehicle mechanical and electrical systems.

I would suggest you use the money to take the family out to dinner and or visit Disney World you will receive much more value from that investment!!

I’ve never needed to use the “ignore” feature on any of the forums I’m a member of, but if ever a member deserved to be on the list, Plutoe is it. His holier-than-though attitude, sarcastic “you’re dumb” demeanor towards fellow members, and utterly unhelpful snarkiness makes him one of the least useful trolls on the interwebs. He may (or not) have a clue about these cars, but he surely holds himself in such high regard that he deems it unfit to share the knowledge he may (or may not) have.
Why are you such a douchebag?

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