Integrated Service Technical Application (ISTA)

ISTA or the ISTA workshop system consists of several functionally oriented system components
that communicate with each other via LAN, WLAN and Internet. The entire system supplies up-to-
date diagnostic data and information from BMW headquarters. The primary applications of the
terminal devices are powerful diagnostics on the vehicle, with various options for vehicle
identification for highly specific information searches and guided troubleshooting. The associated
software is a client/server solution known as ISTA. The ISTA client software is installed on the
Integrated Service Information Display (ISID) operator devices and the workshop PC. It
communicates with the BMW Diagnostic Software ISTA server software that runs on the Integrated Service Information Server
(ISIS). ISID can operate temporarily offline and then be resynchronized later with the server. In a
large dealer organization (HO) workshop, several ISIS may be present.


1  Integrated Service Information Server (ISIS)
ISIS is the workshop server. In addition to other applications, the server-specific component of the
ISTA software is installed on ISIS.
The workshop server is connected with BMW AG via an internet link. BMW AG makes the data
available via the ISPA Broker and JET stream.

2  Integrated Service Information Display (ISID)
ISID is a mobile tester for workshop use integrated into the workshop network. The scope of
delivery consists of a control panel, a base station and accessories. An ISTA client is installed on
the ISID. The device can be operated “online” (in conjunction with the ISTA server) or “offline”
(temporary interruption of connection with the ISTA server). For additional information, see Chapter

3  Integrated Measurement Interface Box (IMIB)
The IMIB is a powerful measuring instrument that is used in the BMW Group dealer organization. It
contains several measuring units that can simulate the performance of an oscilloscope or a digital
multimeter. The IMIB contains adjustable current and voltage sources which can be used as voltage
and current supplies.
You can use the IMIB as a multimeter, even if not connected to ISTA, or execute more complex
functions with ISTA. You can establish a link between ISID and IMIB via LAN or WLAN. The IMIB
can be operated in two modes in conjunction with ISTA:
? interactively as a manually adjusted measuring instrument
? embedded in test processes as an automated measuring instrument
With the manually adjusted measuring instrument you can make manual settings in the relevant
masks once a connection to the measuring instrument system has been established. The results
are displayed in the mask. For additional information, see Chapter 3.4.5.
With the guided measuring instrument, the measuring instrument system is automatically adjusted
via program instructions in the test sequence. The BMW ICOM A2 For Sale are displayed in specific masks and
evaluated by the program.

4  Integrated Communication Optical Module (ICOM)
ICOM is a communication device and constitutes the diagnostic interface to the vehicle. It is
connected to the vehicle and can be linked to an ISID via a connection manager. Thus ISID can
communicate with the vehicle, e.g. for automatic vehicle identification, or for executing test

5  Integrated Service Access Point (ISAP)
ISAP is a communication device (Access Point) for linking WLAN-capable devices to the workshop

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