How to install Renault Can Clip V166 on Windows 10 32 Bit?

Hello everyone
Installing Renault CAN Clip V166 on Windows 10 32 Bits, also I applied it to the version V167 and win 7 32 bits, no problem.

Here we go!!!
Installing Renault Can Clip V166 on Windows 10 32 Bit

Important before starting Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Interface installation.
The drivers of the platform does not work with the Win in 64Bits works only on Win 32Bits

1: Cut the antivirus
2: Gone in User Control Settings and set the cursor to minimum

3: Windows 10 32 Bits up to date
4: Java installed
5: Net Framework 3.5 to Install

To begin installing Clip V166 on OBD2TOOL
6: Run Renault Clip Tool as Administrator

7: click Patch Registy

Here is the Registy patched with successfully

8: To open the installation DVD Clip V166 mount the drive with UltraISO or Daemon-Tool
9: Click on the DVD setup
10: Wait for the installation to start

11: Click on first installation

12: click on I accept the terms of the license agreement and then on

13: Select your country and then

14: Choose the manufacturers to install

15: Click Next to start copying the files

16: At the end of the installation Clip will restart the computer
17: Run Clip

18: Check I understand and accept the above contract and then register me now

19: Make you part of the Renault network click on no

20: Run Renault Clip Tool again as Administrator

21: click on Generate key (manual)

22: Incorrect code and then validate

There is more to connect the probe and connect to the vehicle

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