How to use cn900 mini transponder Programmer to program toyota G all keys lost

CN900 mini key programmer tool with TOYO key via bluetooth to program toyota G type all keys lost.


Steps 1:  connect CN900 mini key programmer with laptop and update software to the latest version


power on CN900 mini key programming tool. select OBDII communicate on main unit


steps 2:  select 72G IMMO  reset


cn900 mini screen will appear require to enter activation code.  you can contact us  get the activation code.

after activate , you can connect OBDII and mini cn900 via bluetooth to program new keys.  there are four steps.

1.  program new key  then turn on ignition, then plug TOYO key OBD2 into car.

2.  use the option 72G of cn900 mini to connect . then start to initialize data. the immo indicator is on for a longer time. then follow the cn900 mini prompt to operate.

3.  it will prompt ” complete/ success” , and then immo indicator is on a longer time.

4. turn on and off ignition for 5 times  quickly, immo indicator is off.   done.




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