The description of nexiq usb link 2

XTruck-2 USB Link work great as NEXIQ USB Link 2,  same function. it support xp computer systerm and windows 7, but can not be update.  For Volvo, Hino, Cat and Nissan software, please install them on Windows XP only, other vehicle software can be installed on Win 7. Following is the description of nexiq usb link 2 at obd2tool.
The description of nexiq usb link 2
1.Class 1 Bluetooth provides up to 100 ft. of wireless freedom
2.Flexible configuration supports wired or wireless connectivity
3.Compatible with applications that diagnose engines, transmissions, ABS, instrument panels and more
4.Reduce reprogramming times with direct USB connection
5.Mixed fleet capabilities with broad protocol support

To allow finer-grained power management and overcome the limitations of Selective Suspend, a new intermediate power state L1 was defined in an addendum to the official USB 2.0 Specification (USB2_LinkPowerMangement_ECN). This power state is a link level state. Let’s first understand the concept of a link.

A USB connection exists between two USB ports:
1.The downstream port (DS port) of a host or a hub and,
2.The upstream port (US port) of an attached device or hub.

A link is a pair of DS and US ports; the ports are known as link partners. Each port has two layers. The Best obd2 scanner physical layer transmits or receives sequences of bytes or other control signals. The logical layer manages the physical layer and ensures smooth flow of information between the link partners. The logical layer is also responsible for any buffering that might be required for the information flow.

ATEQ VT55 OBDII software is compatible for all Asian and European vehicle brands that require OBD synchronization and its software is updateable by using a standard USB cable hooked to a PC. The simple PC interface guides the user through a minimum of steps. An upgradable TPMS tool has never been so important as new Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors are being fitted to new car models at an increasing rate.

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