Genuine Cummins INLINE 6 communication adapter

Genuine Cummins INLINE 6 communication adapter. The main unit comes with a full one-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. The Cummins INLINE 6 Data Link Adapter kit does NOT come with a 6-pin cable. If you need a 6-pin connector for older equipment, this is the appropriate cable to purchase. It has the 25 pin female connector on one end, and then standard 6-pin round connector on the other.

The kit includes all of the cables you will need.
DB25F/9-Pin Deutsch Cable (P/N GES009A)
DB25F/3-2-2 Breakout Cable (P/N GES012A)
USB Communication Cable (P/N GES003A)

Note that if you have an INLINE 6 adapter, you must install the INLINE 6 PC Driver that is included in the software. The INLINE 6 Software installation is a typical Windows-based, self-executing installation. The executable setup file installs the latest INLINE 6 PC Driver, which allows RP1210-compatible software applications to communicate with the INLINE 6 adapter.

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